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The large typhoon No. 10 (Crosa) is moving north around Yawatahama City, Ehime Prefecture, and has entered a wide storm region mainly in the Shikoku region. Going further north, it will land in the Chugoku region in the evening. Expected to run through.
Along with the typhoon northward, rainy winds are increasing in a wide range, especially in western Japan. This typhoon is likely to become stronger in the eastern part of the center, and is severely affected by landslides and river flooding / inundation in remote areas. Be sure to check the local government information and make preparations so that you can evacuate quickly.
It also has an impact on transportation. Please check the latest information from time to time because it overlaps with the U-tan in the Bon Festival.

Provision of disaster information for foreign tourists

Greatly improved the function “Safety tips” for disaster information service for foreign tourists!
-Foreign tourists visiting Japan can now travel to Japan with more peace of mind-

Safety tips

Safety tips

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Japan Meteorological Association, weather forecast for foreign visitors to Japan

WeatherJapan Japan's weather forecast for tourists

WeatherJapan Japan’s weather forecast for tourists

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